May 2017 Newsletter

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We’ve Moved! • Super Citizens In Their Own Words • Volunteer Q&A • Teacher Talk:Tidbits
Share The Love of Liberty • Amazon $100 Gift Card Winner

We’ve Moved!

Need to get in touch? We’ve moved and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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Super Citizens in Their Own Words

The second grade teachers at Fairview Elementary put on an outstanding Super Citizen Program and a unique twist on their Graduation Celebration this year. They took the initiative and came up with their own Celebration. The second graders and teachers shared (in their own adorable words) what they loved about the Super Citizen Program and learning with Mr. Palmer and friends.

“Liberty’s Legacy program is a great way to teach our students to love their country. Our students truly enjoyed discovering ways to be super citizens by voting in our mock elections, learning about the symbols that represent our country and finding ways to be a helping hand in our community.” – Fairview Elementary Second Grade Teachers

“I liked learning about voting. It teached us the rules of how to vote, like how old we need to be.” – Paisley (2nd grader)

“It’s important to vote so we can have good people in charge of our country.” – Ezaac (2nd grader)

“Helping Hands Heroes make our country a better place to live.” – Tucker (2nd grader)


Volunteer Q&A

Have you ever wondered how we are able to reach 35,000 students a year across Alabama? How we are able to meet community sponsors, teachers and people who help move this patriotic mission forward? Well … we rely on volunteers to be our local boots-on-the-ground. And getting involved is super simple, rewarding and comes with very little commitment.

Our volunteers greet guests at live events, read in classrooms, and share our stories on social media.

To show you how easy it is, we caught up with a first-time volunteer from Eufaula who donated her time at Barbour County’s Super Citizen Graduation Celebration this semester. Suzann Tibbs believes in our mission and wanted to do more, so she stepped up to volunteer her time. The following is a Q&A with Ms. Tibbs:

LLF: Prior to the event, did our team members give you enough information so you felt prepared to volunteer? (Such as dates/times, location, what you’d be doing, what to wear, etc.)”
ST: Yes! Thorough instructions were given for arrival time and the start of the program. I loved wearing red, white, and blue!”

LLF: What tasks/responsibilities where you assigned at the Celebration event?
ST: “To greet people, ask adults to sign in, point out restrooms, welcome students, and have fun.”

LLF: At the event, where you given clear direction on what task/responsibility you were given?
ST: “Yes. I was greeted by name and immediately felt I was part of the team.”

LLF: Do you feel that your time was well spent volunteering?
ST: “Certainly!”

LLF: What did you like most about volunteering?
ST: “Everything! I loved greeting the students and wishing them well when they departed. Being from Eufaula, I knew the guests and particularly enjoyed congratulating the heroes afterwards. The program is so energizing. I had a great day.”

LLF: What did you like least about volunteering?
ST: “I have to wait until next school year to do it again!!!”

Teaching the Next Great Americans is an all-hands-on-deck mission. Visit our website to see what volunteer opportunities are available or email us at

Teacher Talk: Tidbits

Since our teachers don’t get a chance to sit around a table and chat about Super Citizen tips and tricks, we’d like to share what some of your peers are saying about the program. And we encourage you to send us your story about the program, any Super Citizen teaching hacks or ideas you might have. Just shoot an email to to share your comments!

Kristen Young (Teaches 1-2 Program at Saraland Elementary).
“My students always looked forward to our Liberty’s Legacy lesson every Friday afternoon. They were engaged in the videos and learned a lot from the lessons. They also loved the book that came with the series about Libby’s adventures. I think this program is amazing and does a great job of getting students pumped up to learn about our country. I personally loved how short the lessons were and how easy it was to fit into my busy schedule.”

Sally Cross (Teaches 1-2 Program at Danville-Neel Elementary)
“The celebration was very inspirational. We were able to get input from students on who has a major impact in their world. One of our staff passed away, and students recognized his impact on their lives.”

Rhea Singleton (Teaches 3-5 Program at Olive J. Dodge Elementary School.)
“Seeing “Liberty” on stage inspired my students to learn about American values. They seemed to make a personal connection with her.”

Sherri Haygood (Teaches 3-5 Program at Lauderdale County High School). 
“The Super Citizen program has been a tremendous experience for my fifth graders! They have become very excited and aware of our country’s history and their part in it’s future as a citizen. After reading the book “H is for Honor” we discussed the importance of telling our military how much we appreciate their service. One of my students came to class after this discussion and told the class that he had met a veteran who had a cap on that said Vietnam Vet… My student said, “I thanked him for his service to our country.” He said the man looked at him with tears in his eyes and said that no one had ever thanked him before. This is just one example of how the Super Citizen program is changing and enriching the lives of my students and the people around them.”

Becky Broersma (Teaches 3-5 Program at Saraland Elementary).
“My students were able to meet, learn from, and honor someone from their own community whom they came to see as a true hero. It impacted them in such a strong way, and still continues to come up in our conversations!”

How You Can Share the Love of Liberty

We love to see your stories and articles shared about how the Liberty Learning Foundation is shaping our future leaders and inspiring entire communities. At one of our biggest celebrations this year, dozens of local sheriff’s deputies showed up in support of the students. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department shared their experience in their newsletter and we were so proud.

Do you have an article in your school or organization’s newsletter? Do you have a great pic to share? What about a story? We’d love to hear how the program has inspired you!

We can’t wait to see how you “Share the Love of Liberty.” Share with us at and we could feature it in our next newsletter.

Meet Our $100 Amazon Gift Card Winner

The Super Citizen Program wouldn’t be where it is today without the work from our tireless teachers who implement the program in their classrooms. Your feedback is so important to us. At the end of each semester, we send a short survey to teachers who complete the program to ask how we can continue to improve our curriculum and the overall experience in schools. To show our appreciation for your time, we put each name into a hat and pull out a winner who receives a $100 Amazon Gift Card. This semester our winner is …

Sherri Haygood from Lauderdale County High School in Rogersville.
Congratulations from our Liberty team!

Haygood implements the Super Citizen Program in her fifth grade classroom. We caught up with Haygood to share the exciting news and she was thrilled to be chosen! Haygood tells us that she plans to use her winnings to purchase new books for her classroom. It’s no surprise she would spend her winnings on her students–she’s an amazing teacher.