May 2016 Newsletter

2016 Spring Semester Recap

Wow what a year it’s been for Liberty’s Legacy! Our team has worked extremely hard and been very fortunate to work with so many wonderful students and communities across Alabama. 

We recognize the success of our program is largely dependent upon great schools and passionate people who believe that our mission is vital to our country’s future. Speaking of success, because of many of you, our mission and momentum are growing. During the 2015-2016 school year we’ve been able to impact 20,000 additional students with our Super Citizen programs. Nearly 1,000 heroes have been honored this year. The Next Great Americans Tour and Events Team has traveled over ¼ million miles this year delivering the Super Citizen Experience.

Every week we meet an extraordinary person at an extraordinary school who is doing extraordinary work to make their community EXTRAordinary. With so many moving parts and so many wonderful and exciting moments to capture, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one moment in time to highlight from this year. 

Our organization was able to partner with schools and communities in new communities such as Enterprise, Auburn, and Tuscaloosa County. However, without a doubt, one of the most memorable experiences of the second semester came in Eufaula, Alabama where Admiral Moorer Middle School is in it’s second year of our junior high school civics program called American Character. 

The NGA Tour unveiled a never-before-seen performance starring Kristen Sharp, also known as, “Libby Liberty.” Kristen gave a LIVE performance for the ages entitled “Libby’s True Character.” Through engaging music, dance, and theatrics, she told inspiring personal testimonies that challenged students to identify their own true character and to passionately, and persistently, pursue their dreams, aspirations and their true identity. 

It was truly moving and motivational in every way. 

Adults and students alike were left awestruck and amazed by the event. Shortly after viewing the program one AMMS student wrote, “My favorite part of the program was when she described the different events in her life; I think that her speech really changed people because she definitely changed me.” 

Later in the year, we came back to conclude the program. Students were able to learn from local civic leaders and advocates how they can get involved with local nonprofits that benefit their community. 

This type of unmistakable impact is what drives our team to work even harder in order to give every student in our state and country this wonderful resource. Our goal for the remainder of the year is to perfect the American Character model and begin offering it to other middle schools whose students have been exposed to the Super Citizens Program in 2016-2017.

Believe it or not, we’ve got lots of work to do this summer to make our resources and experiences even greater for kids and communities. Our entire team is excited about the future and the opportunities to teach character, civics, financial literacy and careers to today’s youth. We won’t stop until EVERY child has the opportunity to be a part of the Super Citizen EXPERIENCE! Until next time, #freedom y’all!

– Reeivice Girtman, Executive VP of Business Development


Teacher Survey Gift Card Winner

This past January, we sent out a teacher’s survey to 246 teachers who taught the 3-5 and 1-2 Super Citizen Programs. Their responses help us continue to improve curriculum and communication.

We also share your honest feedback with donors who can fund the program for years to come.

We drew a winner from a fish  bowl and we’re excited to announce that Caron Riley, a second grade teacher from Valley Elementary in Pelham, AL. was the winner of a $100 Visa Gift Card! Congratulations, Caron!

We had a chance to catch up with Caron a little while ago to see how she decided to spend her $100 Visa Gift Card and in true selfless action, Caron has decided to spend her winnings on books for her second grade class.

“Liberty’s Legacy has been such a great learning tool for our second grade classroom”, said Caron Riley.  “The students loved doing all of the activities and reading the books that came with the program.  Implementing the program was super easy and fun! I was also thrilled to be the winner of the $100.00 gift card just for filling out the survey!  Our class voted to use the money to purchase books about Liberty to put in our school library.”

Do you want a chance to win $100 Visa Gift Card? All teachers who completed the Super Citizen Program (1-2 and 3-5) this spring semester will be receiving an email soon asking you to complete the short survey for us.  Keep an eye out for us. Complete it and you could win! We thank you in advance for all that you do.

– Barbie Sumner, Director of Public Affairs


Spotlighting Super Schools and Super Teachers

Brazier Elementary Excels in Super Citizen Program

Our relationship with Brazier Elementary School began early last Fall. In August our events team toured various schools in Alabama promoting Constitution and Citizenship Day as recognized by the ALSDE. 

Brazier was one of the schools we visited. Libby and Reeivice Girtman teamed up to talk with students about government structure, voting rights, and their responsibility as citizens of the USA. Even back then, it was easy to tell that Brazier was a special place. The school atmosphere was wonderful in every way! Principal Teronda Smith was excited for us to be there and the kids were excellent. Brazier was adamant they wanted us to come back and bring the full Super Citizen experience to their school. And we were thrilled to oblige. 

Our relationship with Brazier Elementary School has continued to blossom, as third grade students from Brazier took part in the Super Citizen Program in Mobile County this semester. Lead teacher Ms. Shelly Watson, along with Ms. Ashley Daniels displayed tremendous leadership and enthusiasm in teaching the program.

Their students worked extremely hard throughout the 10-week course, and especially during the Torch Team process. They took their responsibility very seriously in nominating their heroes as evident by the heartfelt and tear-jerking speeches given by their students at the Celebration.  

One of the reasons that Brazier stands out is because they used their resources wisely and they involved all stakeholders in the process of raising funds to support their Torch Team Heroes. 

Brazier’s enthusiasm makes them a model school in many ways.  As Ralph Emerson stated long ago, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Even though their school will cease to exist in its current name, the kids and community at Brazier Elementary have made a lasting impact that will remain for years to come. Thank you Brazier Elementary School. You are all Super Citizens that are making a BIG difference in your community and our country…

– Reeivice Girtman, Executive VP of Business Development


Behind the Scenes- Libby Liberty Products

Soon you and your students will have two new opportunities to learn with Libby Liberty™ at home or at school!

Two new books from Liberty’s Legacy feature Libby as she continues the work she does on stage!

The first book, “Libby Liberty: In Search of Super Citizens” takes students on a journey to meet amazing American figures before Libby tells them that they’ll find the next Super Citizen, just by taking a good look in the mirror.

Libby also guides young readers through “The Patriot’s Handbook for Kids” a fun activity book which makes learning civics, patriotism and American history a perfect companion for the road or at home. 

Check them out before they’re released:

The great news for you (teachers) is that proceeds from each Libby Liberty Product will be donated back to the Liberty Learning Foundation so we can continue to provide free Super Citizen Resource Kits to passionate educators.  

– Barbie Sumner, Director of Public Affairs