February 2017 Newsletter

Fall 2016 Super Citizen Program Recap

Hello Liberty Family,

Wow, what a year we’ve had thus far. I continue to be amazed by the enthusiasm I see in schools and at events each week. The work you all do is awe-inspiring, and I say THANK YOU.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented period of growth. Since August 2016 almost 39,000 students have either participated, or are currently participating, in the Hands on Liberty or Super Citizen Program. We anticipate this number continuing to grow as we add additional schools each week. Our goal is to reach more than 45,000 students by May 2017!

A quick scan of the news should remind us that it has never been a better time to use lessons in civics and character to emphasize our similarities and the sense of inclusion and hope we must impart to our young citizens.

Thank you for being such an integral part of teaching our Next Great Americans.

Until next time, Let Freedom Ring!

– Reeivice Girtman, Executive VP of Business Development

Middle School Program in the Works

This fall we have continued to pilot a new resource, American Character,with a great group of 7th grade students at Huntsville Jr. High School. Dr. John Kvach, a history professor at UAH has served as their facilitator and mentor. Students have formed groups and developed business goals for their service learning projects.

Dr. Kvach emphasized using their Time, Treasure and Talent to help better their community through these projects. Leaders from the community have awarded groups through small grants ($20 Challenge) to jumpstart their endeavors. Matt Fowler from Solid Earth awarded these students who were interested in helping the homeless with a small grant. The girls used their grant to purchase blankets for a local homeless shelter. Second semester we will be continuing our pilot at Admiral Moorer Middle School in Eufaula and Beverlye Magnet in Dothan.

If you think the 7th grade teachers in your school system would be interested in this resource, please have them contact: education@libertyslegacy.com

Building Relationships That Further the Super Citizen Impact

One of the highlights from fall semester was presenting at the School Superintendents Association (SSA) Fall Conference in Florence. Our program allows us to develop deep and rich relationships with schools and school leaders from across the state. One such relationship is with Russellville Superintendent Heath Grimes. Mr. Grimes is an avid supporter of our organization. He and principal Deanna Hollimon from West Elementary in Russellville joined Reeivice Girtman in sharing information about Liberty’s Legacy to various superintendents from across the state. It was a very informative session that everyone enjoyed.

These partnerships are extremely important to us. We value our relationships with school teachers and school leaders. We hope that you see the value in our relationships with you as well.

Ask Libby

Libby Liberty travels hundreds of miles each year to visit schools across the state of Alabama. During our visits we always have students and teachers ask questions about Libby. We’ve heard “Why does she carry a torch?” or “Why are there chains at her feet?” or even “How long does it take to do her hair?” So we thought it would be fun to give a student participating in the Super Citizen Program the opportunity to interview her!

We met up with Matt, a fifth grader from Mrs. Cornelius’ class at Hibbett School in Florence, AL. He had some pretty unique questions for Libby. Check them out:


Matt: What is your favorite food?

Libby: My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs! I love it because I love the taste and I have always dreamed of going to Italy. I was originally built in France. If I stood on my tiptoes, or were little bit taller, I bet I would have been able to see Italy from my pedestal.

Matt: How old are you?

Libby: I am 131 years old!  There was a huge celebration for me on October 28, 1886 after they put me together on Liberty Island here in America!

Matt: Why are you green?

Libby: Great question! My “skin” is made of copper, the same metal used in pennies. I used to be the color of a penny, but over time the weather gave me a “patina.” That’s a fancy word for the greenish color I am now due to a weathering process calledoxidation

Matt: What do you think of our new president?

Libby: President Trump has a very big job ahead of him. I know what it feels like to be watched by so many people and he certainly has all eyes on him watching to see how he can grow into this big title. I believe he can be a great president if he can be the Super Citizen he was called to be. We can support the President and our country by being the best citizens we can be in our own communities. I know you are doing a great job, Matt!­

Teachers: Do your students have a question that they’d like to ask Libby?

We would love to hear from them! Email us at asklibby@libertyslegacy.com. Please ask the students to include their name, grade, and what school they’re from in the email.

Twins Honor 4-year-old Cousin as Torch Team Hero

More times than not, when children are asked to describe a hero, they choose adults who help others. They suggest nurses, a firefighters and politicians. But thanks to one school in Alabaster, we are reminded that heroes come in all sizes. 

During Thompson Intermediate School’s Jan. 27th Super Citizen Celebration two brothers, London and Ledger, took to the stage to share the person who influenced them the most in their young lives: their 4 year old cousin Emerson.

It was a surprise to most people in the audience, and we quickly understood why. Emerson, at just 4 years old, has already fought harder than most of us will in an entire lifetime. She has spina bifida and inspires her cousins each and every day. Take a moment to watch the video below to see how Torch Teams teaches our youth that “When you honor a hero, you become a hero.”

Meet Our $100 Gift Card Winner!

A couple of times a year, we send out teacher surveys to gather your feedback on the Super Citizen Programs. Every year, we receive thoughtful submissions that help us to continue program growth and improvement. To encourage participation and have a little fun in the process, one educator is randomly picked to win $100.

Drumroll please … Congratulations to Kristy Davis – 5th grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School – Talladega County Schools!

Mrs. Davis says she will use the money for materials for a Ladies Bible Study and a portion for an upcoming trip to Tennessee.

Thank you so much to all who participated and we hope you will participate in the next survey as well.