American Character

A Pilot Program

In the American Character Program, students study historical Americans whose civic involvement, ingenuity and leadership shaped our nation. The middle-school-based program takes an exciting, comic-book approach to teaching a generation that demands multi-sensory engagement in its education.

Students also begin to understand how their own education makes it possible to accomplish feats as meaningful as the icons they study. Finally, they team up for service learning projects that put extraordinary character traits into practice to make a difference in their community.

American Character is a natural progression of the Super Citizen Programs which touch students in grades 1-5. Again, Liberty’s Legacy believes in repetition and reinforcement of core concepts to prepare outstanding citizens.

The program is being piloted in select schools across Alabama and will begin widespread implementation as resources allow.

Liberty Learning Foundation and Liberty's Legacy

A Powerful Nonprofit Partnership

Our friends at Liberty Learning Foundation understand that our lessons must be taught despite school budget cuts and dwindling time devoted to civics, character, financial literacy and history in the classroom.

They developed and facilitate an amazing bus tour, live shows and raise the funds necessary to provide schools with the experience free of charge. We’re proud to be a small part of the partnership of corporate, private and government stakeholders who utilize Liberty’s Legacy educational programs to improve child, community & country!

A portion of all Liberty’s Legacy product sales is also donated to Liberty Learning Foundation. Find out more here >

See the Program in Action!