Super Citizen

The Program. The Events. The Experience!

The Super Citizen Program is designed to help elementary educators teach civics, character, financial literacy and our Great American Story. The program brings together live events, service learning, active civics and more for a fast, fun, unforgettable educational experience.

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This is one of my favorite programs. I’m the elementary principal here and we try to instill in our students how important character education is–and most importantly, about how to be a US citizen. So, we feel this program hits every area that we try to work on with our students.

Sherri Matthews, Principal, Lauderdale County Elementary

This has been the highest quality program that I’ve experienced in a long time, it’s going to go a long way to impact our children, it’s going to go a long way to impact our community.

Bill Lawrence, Principal, Foley Elementary School

This program has been wonderful. It has been every teachers dream. All the concepts, lessons and standards that you really want taught in your classroom. Everything’s provided for you and it’s very energetic and engaging for the children.

Kathryn Reeves, 2nd Grade Teacher, Alabaster, AL

Hands on Liberty

Civics & character are a fistful of fun for 1st & 2nd graders!

Imagine what happens when you pair early childhood experts with ex-Cartoon Network creatives and professional musicians to tackle civics, character, financial literacy, career exploration and our great American Story …That’s just what Liberty’s Legacy has done with it’s grades 1-2 Super Citizen Program. The program is a quick, quirky and compelling way to help educators round out the equation for teaching our Next Great Americans.

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It teaches them at a young age to be engaged citizens. I was very pleased. These lessons are so important.

Jay Mastin, Marshall County Circuit Court Judge

With this program, you’re going to be instilling the values and ideas and integrity that will cause this to be a better generation of Americans.

Lyles Burke, Judge, Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals

I’ve never seen young students so excited about a program before.

George Jeffcoat, S.E. Vice President, ALFA

A Powerful Nonprofit Partnership

Our friends at Liberty Learning Foundation understand that our lessons must be taught despite school budget cuts and dwindling time devoted to civics, character, financial literacy and history in the classroom. They developed and facilitate an amazing bus tour, live shows and raise the funds necessary to provide schools with the experience free of charge. We’re proud to be a small part of the partnership of corporate, private and government stakeholders who utilize Liberty’s Legacy educational programs to improve child, community & country! A portion of all Liberty’s Legacy product sales is also donated to Liberty Learning Foundation. Find out more here >

Liberty Learning Foundation and Liberty's Legacy