Cooperation Challenge


Students will participate in cooperative exercises on an obstacle course.


  • Stop-watch
  • Any equipment needed for predetermined stations


Prior to the activity set up the obstacle course. Have 5-6 stations that require students to perform a cooperative exercise before advancing to the next station.

Time the students to see which team completes the challenge in the least amount of time.

Remind students that an important part of becoming a super citizen is to cooperate with others.

Examples of stations include, but are not limited to:

  • The first partner holds a container while the second partner throws several balls into the container. Once all the balls are in the container, the team may advance to the next station. 
  • The partners will tie their inner legs together and run to a designated stopping point to remove the string. After the string is removed, they may advance to the next station.
  • Each student will pick up a spoon and a plastic or hard-boiled egg. Students should interlock arms and place the egg on the spoons.  They must carry the eggs on the spoons to a designated stopping point.  If a partner drops the egg before reaching the stopping point, they must both return to get another egg.
  • Students will play leapfrog to advance to the next station. 
  • Students will jump rope five times then pass the jump rope to their partner. The second partner will jump rope five times. After both partners have jumped rope, students may move to the next station.


Students will continue to advance to each station until all stations have been completed. The team with the fastest time wins the challenge.



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