Super Citizens in Action


Students will create a slide show presentation or photo display of people that are demonstrating actions that reflect good character or civic responsibility.


  • Camera
  • Computer 
  • Display boards


Brainstorm with the students what it means to be a super citizen.

Discuss actions that reflect good character and civic responsibility. 
Have students discuss characters that they feel are super citizens and list the character traits these characters possess. 

Have students list ten words that describe a super citizen.  They may choose the words, or you may choose to assign ten words to the class.

Students will try to find people in action that represent the word and take a photo, for example a student opening a door for another student who is carrying several books.


Students will create a slide show presentation or display that includes their photos and a description of the photo.

Evaluate students using a rubric as they make their presentations to the class.



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