American Symbols & Monuments PowerPoint


Students will design a PowerPoint presentation to describe American monuments and symbols.


  • Computers with PowerPoint 
  • Copies of prewriting graphic organizers (Download PDF below)


Refer to the Liberty Map. Ask students to list some of the national monuments and symbols and discuss important facts about them.

Divide students into small groups or partners. Assign each group a monument or symbol.  Allow students to create a PowerPoint presentation on their monument/symbol to present to the class.

Explain that students must include:

• Prewriting outline/graphic organizer

• Title slide with the name of the monument

• At least six informational slides that include:

1. location of the monument

2. date the monument was built

3. images of the monument

4. symbolism or significance of the monument

5. designer/creator of the monument

6. material used to create the monument

7. fun fact about the monument

• A reference slide citing the sources useda



Give ten points for each of the following completed accurately to total 100 points: 

• Prewriting

• Title slide

• Each of the seven slides

• Reference slide



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