Business Builders


Students will recognize the importance of creating a business plan, the difference between goods and services, and use persuasive writing to develop an advertisement. 


  • Arthur’s Pet Business by Marc Brown
  • Advertisement or flyer
  • Chart Paper with a T chart (labeled Goods/Services)


Write the word entrepreneur on the board and discuss its meaning.

Have students brainstorm different businesses or jobs that children can do to earn money.  As students respond, list their responses on the T chart under the appropriate heading of goods or services. 

Explain that a good is a product that can be sold or purchased and that a service is an action that can be sold or purchased. 

Read aloud and discuss Arthur’s Pet Business. Ask students if Arthur sold a good or a service. 

Have students think of an idea for a business.  Explain to the students that they will complete the graphic organizer to list the important components of their business.

After completing the business model, ask students how they will tell people about their business.

Discuss the word advertisement and explain that it is a type of persuasive writing. 

Ask students where they have seen an advertisement before. 

Explain to the students that they will create an advertisement for their business. Tell the students that they should remember to include important information about their product and explain what makes their product something that people will want to buy. 

Have students share their business ideas/ models with the class. 

Post advertisements in the classroom.


Use a rubric to assess the business model.



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