Cultural Cuisine


Students will compare and contrast cuisine from different cultures.


  • Cultural Cuisine Questions Sheet
  • Chart paper
  • Picture books that describe foods from different cultures


Explain to the students that America is made up of many different cultures.  Immigration has played an important role in making America so diverse.

Think about how people from other countries preserve their culture through the food that they eat.

You will be researching foods from other countries and discovering their similarities and differences.

Read aloud a picture book that describes foods from different cultures.

Begin a concept web to discuss words that relate to culture and cuisine.



Divide students into groups. Assign or allow students to choose an ethnic group to research.  Distribute Cultural Cuisine Questions sheet. Allow groups to answer questions using online resources.

Have students use their data to create a menu and decide on sample foods to share with the class. Students should bring in items that reflect the culture that has been assigned. Provide a small area to display their sample foods and cultural items. Items could be travel brochures, post cards, pictures, etc.



Groups will present their display and discuss the culture and cuisine of the ethnic group assigned.

Students may use their Cultural Cuisine Questions sheet as a guide.

Teachers may use a standard rubric to assess each group.


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