The Super Citizen Program Experience



1. The Kickoff

The Super Citizen Kickoff event was designed to fully engage students of the ipod / ipad / iEverything generation. We’ve crafted high-energy theatrical performances and rousing sing-alongs to punctuate the relevance and excitement the program’s lessons will provide back in the classroom.

Kickoffs can be held in auditoriums with live appearances by Lady Liberty and The Next Great Americans Bus Tour. Or they can take place in a single classroom with Lady Liberty leading the celebration on the provided DVD. 

Whatever the situation, we supply the media and resources needed to begin a lasting educational program in a huge way!


2. The Lessons

With the Statue of Liberty as its focal point, The Super Citizen Program Resource Kit helps educators teach Character Education, Financial Literacy, Career Development and required subjects - right alongside the soul-stirring lessons of freedom, liberty & civic responsibility. The program uses engaging, interactive lessons to create an exciting framework for the annual school program that is exciting students about learning, about their country and about their important roles in its future.

The Liberty Learning Foundation and donors use the Super Citizen Program as the core resource to turn learning into an experience. And because the whole experience is infused with performance, music, video and hands-on community involvement, students are engaged. And they remember the lessons for years to come. 

The foundation works to coordinate donors, volunteers, press, parents and more to make the entirety of the program as  meaningful and memorable as it can be.


3. The Torch Teams

One of the most emotional pieces of the Super Citizen Program is Torch Teams. In these exercises and lessons, students team up to nominate, campaign for, and ultimately, honor local heroes from their own community.

By learning about and modeling the character traits of the heroes they honor, these students truly learn how to turn learning into action. Or, as we say, “by honoring a hero, they become heroes themselves.”

Typically, these often unsung heroes are invited the program’s celebration event where they are introduced by students and honored from the stage. Children have a new appreciation for the amazing people in their lives and the community is strengthened in the process.


4. The Celebration

The Graduation / Celebration is a crucial piece of the Super Citizen experience. Students are recognized for the hard work they did and they are motivated to continue their important work as the future of America. Liberty Learning Foundation and schools invite press, families and community leaders to join in the celebration

A Sample Agenda:

  • Pledge of Allegiance / patriotic sing-a-long
  • Video message from Lady Liberty
  • Recognition of program sponsors from stage
  • Students introduce and honor their Torch Team heroes form the stage. Each honoree is given an authentic Liberty Replica symbolizing their contributions to society.
  • The audience closes with the powerful “Super Citizen Pledge”


5. The Impact

Through in-depth learning, real-world practice and self-examination, students discover and define their important roles in America’s future. Lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, and American history create a road map for outstanding young citizens. Test scores improve an average of 40%. And because every step of the program is entertaining and engaging, retention is off the charts. And there are intrinsic benefits which are impossible to quantify: as students honor heroes from stage, they are transformed. Their gratitude and big-picture comprehension is palpable. Those are the life lessons that make an indelible impact in the classroom, the community and the country. And they are critical to the success of our Next Great Americans. 



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