“It’s just enormous, the excitement that Lady Liberty is able to build with that crowd. With children this age they are so impressionable, it’s such a great time to introduce them to the concept of our freedom. It’s overwelming, it’s the second one I’ve sat through, but nothing to this magnitude.”

John Pittard, AlaTrade Foods

“Great, Awesome, Energetic, and Fun! After the kickoff, the performance today, they’ll go back ready, excited about becoming Super Citizens that we can incorporate with Science/History at our school. I think the energy will escalate and the kids will be excited all year round.”

Mona Sheets, Principal of Albertville Elementary School

“Watching it from beginning to end, it’s a transformation. It’s like watching a catepillar go from being a worm to a beautiful butterfly. That’s unbelievable in 8 short weeks from beginning to end. And to hear them take that pledge and hear the excitement in their voices. I really sense that they mean what they say, and if in fact they do, it’s going to make such a difference in this community”

Ralph Bellamy, Alabama Power

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