The Super Citizen Program (grades 1-2)

Imagine what happens when you pair early childhood experts with ex-Cartoon Network creatives and professional musicians to tackle civics, character, financial literacy, career exploration and our great American Story ...That’s just what Liberty’s Legacy has done with it’s grades 1-2 Super Citizen Program. The program is a quick, quirky and compelling way to help educators round out the equation for teaching our Next Great Americans.

The grades 1-2 Super Citizen program is a groundbreaking 4-part method that uses hilarious, one-of-a-kind hand-puppet videos, music hands-on activities and a powerful group project to help educators round out the equation for teaching civics, character, financial literacy, career exploration and personal responsibility to students.

The multimedia employed in the series boosts interest, engagement and retention and paves the way for the most important activity that happens in classrooms: hands-on learning. Core concepts are paired with course of study requirements when possible - giving passionate educators the flexible and fun tools they need to teach, inspire and empower our Next Great Americans.

The included “Helping Hands” project is has students nominate and honor a person in their school / community who is already doing the work of a Super Citizen. The honoree is invited and honored at the Super Citizen graduation ceremony. The experience is a powerful way to involve parents and VIPs while making an emotional, lasting 
impression on students.
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Our Focal Symbol: The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Lesson Plans

The Statue of Liberty is a symbolic focal point for all Liberty's Legacy programs. She is an enduring symbol of freedom and is the embodiment of the ideas and ideals our country is founded upon. Her history is the perfect introduction to our great American story. And it is a reminder of the amazing opportunities and responsibilities we have as citizens of the United States.


Inside each Super Citizen Program kit, is one Authentic Liberty Replica. The replica is a chance for students to touch a real piece of America's history. Students will also be able to reward their Torch Teams heroes with the included Torch Pin.


Pillars of outstanding citizensThe Liberty's Legacy "Pillars and Foundations of Outstanding Citizens" begin with an understanding that mastery of teach-to-test subjects alone will not ensure responsible citizens. Our curriculum adds the "pillars" of Character Development, Financial Responsibility and Career Readiness - all on a "foundation" of our great American story that gives students a context for understanding their important roles in America's future.

The pillar concepts are taught in conjunction with required subjects across the curriculum. Depth of study increases throughout the K-12 life cycle; preparing young adults with the life skills, passion and character they need to succeed.

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Liberty's Legacy combines innovative teaching tools and awe-inspiring products containing Statue of Liberty artifacts to create classroom experiences that last a lifetime.

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